Vasuma Frames + Lamps = No More Hate on the Internet

Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp

Eyewear can be against hate on the internet, according to Vasuma.

Together with the awarded product and interior designer and Beckmans College of Design Graduate Daniel Svahn they created three unique table lamps that will be auctioned off to benefit Diskrimineringsbyrån’s project Närvaro, an organisation that works against discrimination. The hope is to be able to bring the organisation about €3000.

Over the years Vasuma has saved a lot of their samples, spare parts and lenses. Instead of throwing it away they’ve put it into good use.

Participate in the Auction!
The table lamps are auctioned on eBay until October 7th. Participate in the auction by visiting their site here. The table lamps Båge (Frame), Lins (Lens) and Skalm (Temple) will appear.

Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp Skalm Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp Lins Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp Båge

Watch the movie!


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