Glasses in Your Favorite Typeface

Type Glasses Typography

If you love typography and glasses, you’ll find this fun! The Japanese company Type has combined these two and put them on your face.

Just like a typeface gives the content character, glasses give your face character. Choose from the lines Garamond or Helvetica. I’m personally waiting for the Futura in Bold.

Type Glasses Typography Bold Regular Light Helvetica Garamond

Each line has three versions of the spectacles — light, regular, and bold, of course — that delineate the thickness of the frames.

Bex Spex

Bex Spex is a San Franscisco based eyewear brand.

Founder Rebekah Kouy-Ghadosh is a licensed optician and has great experience with helping people finding the right frames. Through that process she was able to see people’s need for eyewear that fits a smaller face focusing on that for the inaugural line.

All of the eyewear is handmade in a factory in Northern Italy. Each pair is made using only the finest Italian acetate, customized using the Pantone color system just for Bex Spex.

This charming friend is wearing the Chick-a-Dee frames!

Bex Spex Chick-a-Dee Dog Eyewear

You can really see the different layers of acetate in this picture, love the details!

Bex Spex Snuggle Bunny

Bex Spex Meow-Meow cat eyeA beautiful cat eye frame, anyone will feel way more glamorous in these!

Fogged Glasses

winter is here fogged glasses

Here in Stockholm winter has definitely arrived, it’s super cold, but it will get even colder. This means fogged up glasses. So when I styled the photo shoot for the latest issue of the Optik Magazine I thought it would be fun to style the model with fogged glasses! The frames are from Swedish Vasuma and called Congo.

My tip on how to stay away from fogged glasses is to choose lenses with the best surface treatments, always carry a cleaning cloth with you and stay away from the cold 😉

Model: Dominique Hernandez

Vasuma Frames + Lamps = No More Hate on the Internet

Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp

Eyewear can be against hate on the internet, according to Vasuma.

Together with the awarded product and interior designer and Beckmans College of Design Graduate Daniel Svahn they created three unique table lamps that will be auctioned off to benefit Diskrimineringsbyrån’s project Närvaro, an organisation that works against discrimination. The hope is to be able to bring the organisation about €3000.

Over the years Vasuma has saved a lot of their samples, spare parts and lenses. Instead of throwing it away they’ve put it into good use.

Participate in the Auction!
The table lamps are auctioned on eBay until October 7th. Participate in the auction by visiting their site here. The table lamps Båge (Frame), Lins (Lens) and Skalm (Temple) will appear.

Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp Skalm Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp Lins Vasuma Diskrimineringsrådet Lamp Båge

Watch the movie!


Eyewear for Aliens to inspire children to write

berättarministeriet vasuma alien glasses

Swedish eyewear brand Vasuma made ​​alien glasses for Berättarministeriet’s Alien SupermarketBerättarministeriet (“Ministry of Storytelling”) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspire children, aged 8-18, from areas of high unemployment to conquer the written word. Their work is based on the understanding that strong writing skills are fundamental for participation in a democratic and pluralistic society. Their work is inspired by 826 National.

“Children can play with and try out glasses that are supposed to excite the imagination and provide unprecedented writing powers!” says Vasumas Steffen Sundelius.

berättarministeriet alien glasses

“The creativity in the shop will activate the imagination and encourage children to write before they go through the secret door of  the writing workshop.” says the author Dilsa Demirbag-Sten who is in charge of Berättarministeriet.

The alien glasses look crazy and cool, like a tiara but on your nose. It wouldn’t surprise me if they one day can be found any regular shop!